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original Lord of the Rings book covers
I have now made it through 41 hours of the first two books and I am well into the third. My first thought was, "I'm not sure how much more singing I can take!" But 41 hours later, I see why Tolkien has so many followers. The writing is beautiful and the stories are incredibly well thought out. The most impressive aspect is that he not only created a story, but an entire world, eco-system, languages, cultures and everything involved in making Middle Earth an actual existing place! Now days, I would say it's obsessive. But for his time, I say it's brilliant!

design + idols

birthday present all wrapped up

inside the box: tickets to American Idol Live

Deborah's reaction was priceless!

3 months later, my sisters and friend Stacie and I headed off to the concert

rubbing shoulders with the real Idols

Stacie shining her wedding ring—those Idols aren't good enough for you!

autographed picture of a sister tradition: "Idol Night"

the million dollar shot!

the most amusing photo: camera phone + flashlight

silver lining

Silver Lining Necklace by Bird For Bread

Going on my wish list!

bloomin' holiday

blooming postcard by posctcarden

A Christmas card that blooms? I say this tops any Christmas newsletter! :)

map deconstruction

Beautiful map deconstruction by Shannon Rankin. These are just a snapshot of her amazing work! Go check out her portfolio to see much more!

hippity-hop kind of morning

Hippity-Hop Lamp by Anthropologie

Anna, if I had lots of $ I would get this for you. I wish you could wake up every morning to a glowing hippity-hop bunny!
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